How many of us like to share our food? No need to raise your hands, people. I know the answer is nobody. That was a rhetorical question. Everytime we have to share our food, our heart aches. Suddenly, the quantity seems so less. And it hurts even more when we’re eating our favourite food. Right in the feels. But more often than not, we’ve to give in. Because social etiquette and acche sanskar.

Thankfully, there are some creatures out there who have no such social bindings. Ladies & gentlemen, meet Pollo the parrot.

Holly Narufry

Now Pollo is peacefully eating is peanut but his two ‘friends’ want him to share the delicacy. So they decide to do the most sensible thing possible. Snatch the peanut from him.

Holly Narufry

But little do they know, that Pollo hates to share his food. He never does that. Does he remind you of a certain someone?

Check out the super awesome video right here.