After taking multiple quizzes on the internet and contemplating about my past relationships, I have reached the conclusion, that the most important factor for any relationship to work is…love for the same kind of memes. 

You get me, of course you do. 

You Work For Them

As the most non-humorous, humorous person I can vouch that nothing makes me happier than my love interest laughing at my jokes – and liking the memes I send them.

Memes are the new way to look into someone’s soul.

Ah See It

They used to say you can tell a lot about a person by their playlist. I think it’s time we correct that and make it – ‘by the memes they have saved on Instagram’.

You have to find that perfect balance with memes: that mean-to-funny ratio. Because honestly, if a meme doesn’t offend anyone, what’s even the point? 


And once you have found the perfect meme, you have to find the person who enjoys them as much as you do.

The person who likes the same mean-to-funny ratio. The person who responds with hahahahaha, followed by two laughing-crying emojis.

Not LOL, not LMAO, now ROFL. That’s dumb. Hahahaha is the shizz. I want hahahaha.


See, this is why I am single. But moving on…

Memes can tell you a lot about a person’s character as well. What do they find funny? Are they laughing on sexist memes? Are they sharing naughty ones? Are they liking ‘your ex gf’ stuff?

That kinda thing.


I, for one, love annoying girlfriend memes – because I am an annoying partner to have and they make me laugh.

And then I send them to whoever I am seeing at that time. All of them know they have to laugh but not too much.

See how this works? This is why I am single now, but moving on…

The Mary Sue

Memes mean they were thinking about you. Memes mean they know you. Memes mean they want to make you smile.

And if your meme compatibility is high, all of that can happen with ease.

So, don’t give me all personality-sunsign BS. Nothing screams rapport more than two people liking the same kind of memes. Fight me on this, go on.