It’s safe to assume that you know about the Pawri Ho Rahi Hai meme by now. The phrase went ultra-viral, and literally everyone seems to have joined in the festivities. Here’s a little reminder of how it all started. 

This, in turn, was remixed into a banger by Yashraj Mukhate (obviously). Listen below.

And if you thought that enough time had passed, and the meme was fading – you’d be wrong. Pawri Ho Rahi Hai has actually been turned into a shaadi song and dance sequence!

Even the original Pawri girl, Dananeer Mobeen, posted about it.

This isn’t the first time the meme/song has been used at a wedding. Here’s another example.

People had some interesting reactions to the whole situation.

Clearly, the meme isn’t leaving us any time soon!