Most mornings, when you are getting ready, the same thought crosses your mind: “What do I wear today?” You try stuff on, you probably decide something else looks better. You try that on and just when you think you’re good to go, a voice in your head whispers that the first one was better. So, you change again and when you reach where you have to, you realise that the second option made more sense. This is the conundrum that we all face on a regular basis. 

Imagine going through all those hurdles, finally deciding what to wear, only to end up looking exactly like your surroundings in a completely wrong way. Have a look at these ‘fashion disasters’ that occurred when these people accidentally dressed like their surroundings:

That’s how you leave a mark on someone.

Some people can ‘carry’ anything they wear. 

“This motel really gets me.”

“I want a dress that looks like a random guys phone cover.”

One look at the carpet and she was floored.

If she says this wasn’t on purpose, she’s ‘lying’!

How you cross into the States from Mexico!

These days your sofa comes with a guy attached in the same upholstery. 

This guy just did it.

So happy! I guess she is ‘sofa so good’

Couch potatoes become one with the couch. It’s true.

What do you think he wears while playing golf?

In all likeliness, he’s from Sweden!

They put the carpet while he was sitting there.

Camouflage level = Boss.

Davy Jones owns the train and she’s part of the crew.

She probably thinks that if she can’t see us, we can’t see her.

“There was extra cloth left from the sofa.”

Now that’s one healthy top.

Did a dog mistakenly pee on the kid? I think so. 

To be fair, he was trained to do that.

He watched a movie on VLC and copied the fashion of the player instead of the actors.

“I don’t sit, because then people sit on me.”

When you’re sleeping and don’t want anyone to find out.

“Going shopping, what do I wear? I know, I’ll wear the mall!”

This country has the best roadblocks in the world!

“Is that how my bath towel became a hand towel?”

So, what are you wearing today?