Do you know people who just fail to do that one job given to them? We all have come across such people in our life. Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, people don’t get it. And here’s a compilation of the best. Or worst. Or best/ worst. You’ll see.

1. What level of ignorance is this? 

2.  It looks grey though.

3. A window of hope.

4. Because it’s already blocked.

5. First-world problems be like.

6. Fix it with google.

7. Because she believed in him.

8. More work, more pay.

9.  Yeah, you put it wrong.

10. If fixing problems was this easy.

11. Because one person is always right.

12. Because you can never crack the algorithm.

13.  I’ll still have it.

14. Why though?

15. Fact check? 

16. How could he face his boss after this?

17. And mistakes that may risk your job.

18.  I love their confidence.

19. I hope he saves his job now.

20. Don’t jump on your business like this.

21. Avengers assemble!

22. Everything but potatoes.

23. Spell check?

24. I am sure this person hates kids. 

25. What uneven day looks like.

If you know, you know.