Twitter is amazing. It brings out the best and sometimes, the worst in people. 

Recently, the hashtag #badlyexplainyourjob was trending on Twitter and the Twitteratti was having a field day. Doctors, teachers, social media specialists, photographers, designers and everyone with mainstream or offbeat jobs joined in to make one of the best threads ever on Twitter. 

This made me think how I would explain my job badly. In fact do we have anything good to say anyway about our jobs? Sometimes, you wonder why someone was willing to pay you money for the s*it you were doing. 

Here’s a list of creative people on the net, who decided to explain their jobs, badly & well, turns out, their bad is pretty funny. Take a look.

1. Wow, she indeed is a thriller-novel writer.

2. Nancy, Nancy, Nancy! You stole the show. Who knew priests could be this cool.

3. The time when the DJ pressed the right keyboard buttons to tweet that masterpiece.

4. What would your gynaecologist say to this? — “Damn right, buddy.”

5. Is your doctor this scarily funny too?

6. Is she an ornithologist or a poet? (Rhyming her tweets like a boss.)

7. Photographers really like flashing!

8. The number of freelance writers who will relate to this is going to be huge!

9. Lessons on good touch by an artist. 

10. That is literally all of us.

11. This is how a library tweets. *Takes a bow* 

12. Aur karlo Ph.D.

13. But, who are you, John? Who are you for real?

14. That must really suck, professor!

15. And I spend all day on the Internet. #SocialMediaIsMyLife

Why don’t you try explaining your job badly?

Design Credits: Rohit Jakhu