If I were asked who my least favourite kind of people are, I would say, the kind who like to explain a subject right back to someone who has some level of expertise in the area. There is nothing wrong with getting facts wrong, of course, but not owning up to a lack of knowledge can be a little offputting. 

Which is why this subreddit about people replying to trolls who didn’t know they were talking to the very person whose program or artwork they’re discussing online, is so funny. 

So, let’s take a look at how these trolls were dealt with, shall we? 

1. This person right here was totally cool with telling a creator of a tool to ‘use it properly.’

2. Is it only me who felt second-hand embarrassment for this Twitter user who thought it was okay to ask the author of a report whether or not he has read the report? *Facepalming myself*

3. When someone asked the creator, executive producer and head writer of the series The Wire whether or not he has seen it. 

4. Apparently, some people think they know more about certain topics than the person who has first-hand experience regarding them. 

5. Okay okay, we all make mistakes, but you have to admit, sending a tutorial to the person who created it in the first place is a teensy bit cringe.

6. Well at least this guy here didn’t get defensive and went on to further compliment the artist. Kudos to him for the positive attitude.

7. A classic case of mansplaining; this guy went on to explain history to an actual historian. He told her to ‘read more,’ on the topic. 

8. I won’t lie, I have totally done something similar. But, it doesn’t make the situation less entertaining or funny. Oblivion is always epic to witness. 

9. Then there is this dude right here, who thought it was okay to tell a character artist about his own work. With the utmost confidence and derrogation, might I add. 

10. More mansplaining confessions; Not only did she tell the guy that she specialized in the subject, but she was endearingly excited about how gratifying it was to tell him he was wrong. *I don’t blame her*

11. When this Twitter user tried to tell a person to read the judgment of their OWN court case. 

12. See, this is what I mean. What was the need for this person to get so defensive with someone without once asking how they know what they know?

13. Okay. How awkward (but also hilarious) is this person defending something they’re evidently wrong about?

14. Then when this person didn’t realise they’re speaking to the actual creator of the programming language, even though the names matched!

Literally a sub about checking yourself and seeking maximum information before contradicting people.