Face masks have become a part of our lives now. Don't say that you are bored of them because they are saving you from a deadly outcome. 

Just try and have some fun with them to switch things up a little like these folks: 

1. My edible face mask

Source: 9GAG

2. Is this the new normal!

Source: .dezeen.com

3. I am artsy

4. Corona Virus be like- am I joke to you!?

Source: metro.co.uk

5. Bilkul risk nahi lene ka!

Source: Twitter

6. Not gonna waste a shopping bag

Source: Twitter

7. DIY Level - Infinity

Source: Twitter

8. Mah Life, Mah Rules!

Source: Twitter

9. Are you down for some extra protection?

Source: Twitter

10. Fashionable face masks, anyone?

11. Fashion game on the point

Source: today.com

12. Who told you that you can't look adorable in a face mask?

Source: NBC

13. Maintain some distance, pal

Source: BBC

14. Nooooo!

15. Perfect for social distancing

Source: Insider

16. 'Sequins' of events

Source: Insider

17. I like it rough!

Source: Insider

18. Zipper, at last

Source: Insider

19. Don't get confused

Source: Insider

20. No tongue in cheek comments, ok!

Source: Insider

21. Royal Mask

Source: Insider

See, creativity and humour can do wonders.