Nobody likes Mondays. Nothing against the day as such. It’s just that Monday comes as a terribly rude shock after that bliss called the weekend. You have to drag yourself back to your office/school/college. Wanna know what’s the most irritating sound on the planet? The sound of an alarm clock going off on a Monday morning.

However, every cloud has a silver lining. There are people out there who’re having a wayyyyyyy worse Monday than you. Don’t believe us? Take a look yourself.

1. This kid, who was cruelly reminded that it’s Monday.

2. This dude, who couldn’t hope for a worse start to the week.

Erica Vickers

3. This guy, who thought they were giving chocolates in office to make them feel better on Monday…


…But soon realized it was a bar of soap.


4. Imagine going to office on Monday like this.

5. This guy, for whom the beginning of the week might be the end.

6. These brothers, for whom there’s nothing joyous about Monday.

WP Anytime

7. “Why are you late?”

“Well, you won’t believe what happened.”

Kevin Morris

8. This guy who went to take a shower on a sad Monday morning and found an unexpected shower buddy.

Daily Mail

9. This poor constable who has to ‘shoulder’ a lot of responsibility at the beginning of the week itself.


10. Ek toh Monday. Upar se baithne ke liye kursi bhi nahin! Hey bhagwan, yeh kaisi pareeksha le raha hai tu? 

11. This guy, whose Monday is a complete mess.


12. This teacher who has no idea what surprises Monday has in store for him.


13. This cop who’s getting a g**nd mein danda.


Doosron ka dard dekh ke, apna dard kam lagta hai doston.