Let’s be honest, we all have made mistakes at our workplaces. It could be small or huge, but we all have been there. However, there are a number of people who made a tremendous blunder at their workplace and their co-workers shared their stories. 

The responses are quite interesting, keep reading!

1. “Putting all the patient’s false teeth in a bowl together to soak in a dementia ward. It took us weeks to try and match patients with teeth. No, they weren’t marked up with the patients’ names. We doubt if the right teeth ended up with the right patient, it was guesswork.”

– Independent_Wafer719

2. “Took the wrong coffin to a funeral. Someone else had to drive to the cemetery with the correct deceased on board, and thankfully they made it before the viewing.”

– Shubabi

3. “The designer, creative director and head of the production all missed that there was an eight-day week on a calendar. We sent 10,000 copies of a useless calendar to a client. Rightly so, they refused to pay for it.”

– atot806

4. “At a Petco, all the Guinea pigs were in a big plexiglass enclosure with a centre divider. Boys on one side and girls on the other. An employee decided that all the long-haired Guinea pigs should be on one side and short-haired on the other. It took forever to sort them out and all the females were pregnant.”

– PumpkinsDad

5. “Poured sink cleaning solution into the ice cream machine instead of the cream mixture and I had to stop them. Then, they said, “I’m sure it’ll be fine, it was only a little.” No, that would poison people. I had to clean out the whole machine from top to bottom and refill it. I ended up throwing away nearly a whole bucket full of contaminated ice cream mixture.”

– Yaboijustlikesgoats

6. “I used to work for a landscaping company and over the course of a summer, I witnessed one of my co-workers accidentally set 3 different things on fire (a hedge trimmer, a truck and himself).”

– RosenBrtt

7. “The guy was making a pizza and broke the pizza board (the thing with the handle you make the pizza on and then slide the pizza into the oven). I found the other one and he lost that too. So, I told him to ‘make’ pizzas on one of the plastic cutting boards. He put the pizza into the oven on the plastic board and just left it. The board melted. No more pizzas that day.”

– allthefishinthelake

8. “We took a large group of 4 and 5-year-old children to visit a farm/petting zoo/pumpkin patch. I was in charge of my own group, but I noticed one of the other teachers was being very lax in her supervision for most of the trip. When it was time to leave, my gut instinct told me that she wasn’t counting her students. Once they were all boarded, I walked back and climbed on her bus. She said something like, “We’re all good, let’s go!” I knew how many were in each group, so without answering her, I did a quick count. Sure enough, we were missing one. I ended up leaving the bus and going to find the kid myself. He was still on the playground with children from another school. When we got back to the bus, the teacher blamed the kid.”

– jackleggjr

9. “I knew a dude that printed almost a thousand pages of counterfeit dollar bills for a joke or prank. The boss walked in immediately after and wound up behind the back area of the business throwing it all into the burn barrel getting rid of it. Dude didn’t last much longer than that.”

– panfried540

10. “I worked in a paint shop and every time a new chemical was introduced to the shop, I would ask about the hazards. They would tell me that it is a green chemical; there are no hazards. Once, when I entered the shop, I saw a guy using a new spray. The side of the bucket indicated that it was dangerously poisonous and highly corrosive. I told him that he should be using a mask and gloves to use that chemical. He said “Don’t worry, it’s baby safe. They even have a picture of a baby playing in it.” After seeing the image, I yelled at the guy “This is the baby. He is not playing, he is not swimming, HE’S DYING!”

– TomoyoHoshijiro

11. “During the annual sales meeting, the brand new guy is seated next to the CEO. He proceeds to put his head down and fall asleep on the table. DURING THE MEETING. They woke him up at lunch to fire him.”

– barto5

12. “Working in a pharmacy, a pharmacist gave a customer a flu shot and threw the used syringe in the container with the new syringes, instead of the container to dispose them. Another pharmacist went to grab a new syringe later on and ended up getting stabbed with the used syringe. It caused a total shit storm.”

– kingcrimson881

I suddenly don’t feel bad about the mistakes I made in the past anymore. Boss, you listening?