Relationships are often more complicated than what we grow up thinking. Sometimes there can be an ample amount of affection and love between two people but that still doesn’t guarantee a lifetime worth of partnership. And then there are times when people cheat on their partners for reasons even they aren’t fully aware of. 

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Infidelity is a polarizing topic. And personally, I think the only way one can understand the behavior is by talking to other people or knowing their stories around it. So, here is a list of confessions by people who have opened up about their experiences with infidelity. Take a look. 

1. Married for a couple of years. Huge sexual urge and mauka too. But it’s too painful to go through all the sneaking around, lying and planning for a 30 mins session (Cheated on a girlfriend … before marriage). Plus, the guilt is totally not worth it. Now I watch porn for 10 mins and I’m done 🙂

– King_podrick

2. Slept with another girl, once, after marriage. When I had an opportunity. No emotional attachments. Just animalistic sex like Paolo and Rachel. Felt guilty and confessed to SO almost immediately (before she could find out). She was mad for a couple of days but forgave after that. Things got back to normal soon. She makes jokes about it at times. Like when we’re out and if a good looking guy passes by, she says she could use her sleep-out-of-marriage-chit on him. I don’t intend to cheat again.

– Anonymous

3. Cheated once. It destroyed my relationship with my girl. Things were never the same again. When you are in a relationship it means you have given your commitment to be with someone. If you can’t honor that just break off the relationship.

– pyar_ka_pujari

4. My girlfriend of 5 1/2 years cheated on me while I was asleep in the next room (in our bed). I found out the next day. I remember her coming in to kiss me at some point in the night. I never had the stones to ask whether it was before or after.

– is_not_chicago

5. I was living with my GF of two years at the time. She was going to go to grad school in a new state. The plan was to switch jobs and move so she could go to grad school. I knew no one in the new state and hadn’t been there before. I secured a job and moved out a few weeks early to find housing. It was then that she decided she wasn’t sure what she wanted from the relationship and would cheat. Thus beginning the most confusing and frustrating 3-4 months of my life. On the bright side, I’ve really enjoy the new state, have met awesome people and the job is pretty awesome.

– nova1313

6. We met when we were both young, we hit it off and got together. Moved to her homeland, I struggled with a new country, new language, getting a job and all that stuff. A few years into it I found out there was some other guy, we fought, we made up, she promised not to see him again. I didn’t want to be a dictator, so when I found out she was still meeting him sometimes for lunch, I just tried to stay cool. On and off, for years, I would worry about this woman, and I would ask her regularly if sh*t between us was cool, and she would make me feel like it was all good. Then, we move cities, we get a nice apartment, we start planning kids. I ask her to marry me, we have a huge engagement party, a year or two later we have a massive sick wedding. We have a crazy honeymoon. We start to pick dates on starting with a kid. We have a kid. But, I see yet another text from this dude, and I just snap. I go into uber detective mode, start cross-examining her, I pick out some details, I isolate her best friend and start getting shit out of her. My wife lies every f*cking minute, denying details, to my face, but ten minutes later admitting to more stuff. FOR THREE F*CKING WEEKS. Every night is a nightmare as I try to come to terms with whatever new sh*t she just admitted to, and in the morning I would ask yet again, ‘Is that really it?,’ and no, there was always more. In the end I just go to this f*cking guy’s house and he breaks down and tells me everything. They have been regular fuck buddies for seven years. During our engagement, wedding, right up to where we started to go for kids. (DNA test is in the mail). This woman was banging him bareback, actually contracted genital warts off him and never thought to mention it. His partner this whole time, also, had no clue. 

– Throwaway235191

7. I cheated on my ex a few times. The guilt you feel really eats you up, to be honest. You know you’re a bastard for doing it. I regret doing it, I should have broken up with her sooner, and did my own thing. I don’t recommend it.

– kilroy123

8. I cheated on my girlfriend and was more or less caught literally red-handed, a bloody handprint on the headboard and lube bottle, and managed to talk my way out of it. No, it’s nothing, she (my friend) gets bloody noses out of the blue, we were hanging out and she started bleeding. I felt terrible. The worst part was the fact that I was actually able to talk my way out of it. That she believed me. I had a lot of time to think on my next rotation out of town for work, and I came clean when I got home. I regret it now. I was really close with the other girl, and it was meaningful, but it wasn’t worth hurting my girlfriend. I wish I could go back and undo it.

– Revan343

Yikes!  Reading these low-key gave me rashes!