“You can take a desi out of India, but you can never take India out of desi.”

No matter wherever we go, we never – for good or worse – forget our roots. In a thread, netizens reveal the most desi thing they have done or encountered at a firangi land, and trust us, some responses would make you feel so damn relatable!

Let’s take a look, shall we?

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1. “When I was on top of the Eiffel Tower, I was greeted with a very familiar stench. A guy was chewing paan masala on the top of the Eiffel Tower!” -AgileSwordsman294

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2. “My first time abroad in Australia: people were nice and courteous, saying thanks when you give way. Then, I visited an Indian store and you know, how sometimes people on both sides of the door try to give way or try entering at the same time? So, this happened and the other guy yelled out his BC-MC and walked out. I felt like I was in Delhi.” -Froogler

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3. “I was in a pub in London when I hear two men asking a server if they had Old Monk.” -Anonymous

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4. “I was traveling through Scotland on the road. We were three families in three SUVs, and we pulled over on a very beautiful countryside road with barely any other cars going by. Then, we pulled out our tiny portable stove and made masala chai. Masala chai + thepla + an incredible view = one hell of an afternoon.” -goldeneag

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5. “Almost all of the Indians standing up for the bags right as soon as the plane touches down and still being taxied to the terminal and they have made the announcement of not to do that specifically.” -xander5891

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6. “I and one Indian friend were taking a stroll in Zurich. Another Indian overheard us talking in Hindi. He came over, we became friends and parted ways. Later, we went to Amsterdam together after a week.” -bay_der

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7. “This was in Hong Kong – I ate dumplings with my hand at a Michelin star restaurant since I didn’t know how to use chopsticks.” -Anonymous

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8. “My colleagues and I were on a business trip in the US. Last day of the trip, we cooked pooris and chole in the hotel room. It was an apartment-type hotel with a kitchen. We got some frozen samosas and borrowed olive oil from the front desk. We made the front desk guy eat some and he loved it. The room was full of Indian kitchen fragrances. You wouldn’t be able to tell it was a hotel room in the US from the smells.” -shdwflyr

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9. “I saw a Jat sticker in Melbourne on a taxi. Damn.” -falcaolover

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10. “Subconsciously wiped my hands with my shirt after eating at an Indian restaurant in the US.” -bbdusa

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11. “Went to Jungfraujoch in Switzerland and was greeted by a group of Gujaratis with all their snacks open and sprawling around. Someone was playing ‘Dholi Taaro’ on the phone matched with unorderly dancing around. All the Europeans around were looking in disbelief and I was trying to put on my best Swiss face.” -PM_MeYourBack

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12. “I was on a balloon ride in Cappadocia, Turkey. The sun is about to come up and we are 3000 ft high, very close to the mountains in Cappadocia. An Indian family was with us, a boy, who was maybe 4-5. The boy got cranky and was crying, his dad was trying to console him. I wasn’t sure what was going on, I was taking pics on the other side of the balloon. I could hear some murmuring and people cracking up, I looked at the diagonally opposite end – the mother held her boy up, his pants were down and he was peeing down from 3000 ft.” -Anonymous

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Oh, these responses are too hilarious!