Most employees are at their best behaviour while giving a job interview but, even then no one can really say what kind of a person they truly are. 

Sometimes, their behaviour in the workplace becomes unacceptable and employers are left with no choice but, to lay them off.

Redditors shared some of the craziest reasons they/their colleagues had to fire their employees and here are some of the most interesting responses.  

1. “Had to fire my own brother from our distribution “company”. Really was not easy and definitely caused family fights. He had been using our product so much so that we lost half our stock.” – contradiction4

2. “One of my ER nurses was chasing another down the hall with a scalpel in her hand screaming at the top of her lungs ‘I’m going to cut you bitch!’.” – EzraSteel

3. “Dumbass stole a $100 bill out of the register at the end of his FIRST shift alone on register.” – USPSA-Addict

4. “Once I had a guy call in sick to his restaurant/bar shift right before his shift and then proceeded to show up shit-faced drunk for happy hour during the time he was supposed to be working.” – skdubbs

5. “We had someone fall asleep at his desk with a lit cigarette in his hand. In an office full of cubicles like maybe… 6-7 years ago? Smoking wasn’t legal anywhere indoors let alone in an office building lmao And the first time he wasn’t even fired. He was fired when it happened again!” – CactusPearl21

6. “I had to fire a pizza delivery driver because he threatened another driver with the giant rocker knife we used to cut pizzas. His reason was the other driver was gay and he didn’t like his “decadent” life style.” – buzz1208

7. “Harassment. He harassed virtually every person in the department on sexual, racial and religious grounds. Human Resources put up a fight while I had people crying and quitting because of him.” – Gene_Carrier

8. “I worked at a retail store and found one of my coworkers was using the company iPad (that we used to play music and order lunches) to go on Craigslist and search for hookups. She didn’t even bother to delete the search history.” – arbrady

9. “CEO ordered me to fire one of my interns because he was trying to hit on one of the other interns the CEO had the hots for.” – DonkeyTron42

10. “At a retail job, we had a kid come in and punch in for the day then go home. Would come back at quitting time and punch out.” – tolae01010

11. “My assistant manager announced to a female coworker that he had officially named both of her boobs, after working with her for three years. This was the second time he had said something sexual to her within a week and had to be let go. He was a 47-year-old virgin who still lived with his ailing parents. I didn’t know who to be sorry for the most.” – LordJonMichael

12. “The guy had somehow hung on by the skin of his teeth when caught making plastic model funny cars at his desk (pro tip: throwing a newspaper over the model doesn’t hide the smell of the glue), but when a client called complaining about our hero trying to sell him golf clubs out of the trunk of his car, he was gone.” – PomegranatePlanet

13. “They stole a $3 bottle of wine that could have easily put on the “house” check for employees. Prep cook stole a 25lb bag of onions.” – CanineRezQ

14. “He kept doing yellow text on a white background for briefing slides. He was a graphic designer.” – ductoid

15. “He worked at the company for 2 weeks, came to the Christmas party on Friday, got shit faced, told the HR manager that she was a slut and would die alone (they had some previous vaguely romantic history) tried to fight 2 of the customer service managers who asked him to calm down, and while being escorted out he turned to the CEO and COO and told them to go fuck themselves. He was the first and only employee to be called and was sacked on the spot.” – PoisonAlii

16. “Had an employee that was going to get fired for simply showing up late constantly with no legit reason. During the term meeting she tells me another employee cut the brake lines in her car – it’s obvious this was to save her from being fired. She didn’t realize that something like that gets cops involved. She was termed, and then detectives showed up to her house to get statements. Of course, no evidence of lines being cut and now she’s dealing with police for making false statements.” – drumandbass01

17. “A guy shaved/trimmed off his pubes and left them scattered across a shared desk in a shared office. When confronted, he pulled a George Costanza: ‘Oh, is that frowned upon’?” – GenXed

18. “In the early 2000’s I managed a coffee shop that required the customers’ names to be put on the cup. One guy looked like he was doing it but upon closer inspection on some cups he was writing an IP address. Turns out he was running an illegal sports book out of the shop.” – YeahIprobablydidit

19. “She didn’t show up for her first shift, then tried to blame us for it, then refused to turn in her uniform and key. FIRST SHIFT. What the hell lady?” – DaughterEarth

20. “Once had to fire someone from a testing job because they were live-streaming the unannounced game with their phone right in the lab in front of everyone, after signing their NDAs. More than fired really, they are fucked for life.” – noisyturtle

21. “I work for a hotel. Had to fire 2 separate employees on 2 different occasions for letting people in vacant rooms to smoke crack and steal from the rooms.” – The2500

22. “Told him he had to wait a day or two to have his logins created. He decided he would try to hack in without telling anyone in an effort to impress us. He was not successful and was shown the door promptly.” – Ghenges

23. “The saddest was a lady that smelled like alcohol pretty frequently. I don’t think she was drunk on the job (maybe some shots done at lunch combined with sweating out the prior night). But the other members of the team started to complain about it and it was becoming disruptive.” – diegojones4

24. “A coworker at a camp I used to work at got fired for posting 300+ photos of people with disabilities on her Facebook page without consent.” – ButterClaw

25. “A guy was hired at the metal fab shop I was working at. He had been laid off when we were slow. He was re-hired on a Friday, started Monday. Goes and does his drug test first thing. He failed. Apparently he had celebrated being rehired over the weekend. It was funny listening to my boss say, ‘Are you kidding me? You knew our testing policy! You couldn’t wait three days’?” – VEI8

Do you have similar experiences to share with us?