It’s true that having a partner to cuddle with is comforting, but relationships can also be messy at times. There’s simply so much to value in being single that we often overlook instead of appreciating. Here are some people who revealed the perks of being happily single!

1. “When you put an item somewhere, it’s still there 8 weeks later.”

– ewisnes

2. “You can do whatever you want, whenever you want, with whoever you want.”

3. “As someone who was in a bad marriage, being single is a significant upgrade from that. It’s not lonely, it’s peaceful. Sure, I’d rather be in a good relationship than be single, but a bad relationship < single < good relationship. I’m receptive to a good one if it comes along, but I’m being picky from now on.”

– hoobi47

4. “You don’t have to spend 30 minutes trying to choose a place to eat. You don’t have to have plans for stuff, can do whatever you really want whenever.”

5. “You can lie in the fetal position and cry without making your spouse feel like shit.”

– andooet

6. “No paranoia about your partner.”

7. “Not getting dragged to stupid events I would never voluntarily go to.”

8. “Drama-free decision making. Not saying that people in a relationship are dramatic but man, the amount of confrontation in a relationship that comes with drama, just leaves you mentally tired sometimes.”

9. “I can buy a pie, eat half of it in the middle of the night and leave the rest for lunch. No sharing the pies.”

10. “Work on your career, organize your life, set yourself up.”

11. “You get to save money and focus on your own personal goals. Take this time for yourself rather it’s losing weight, healing emotionally, or just taking the time to enjoy the things you like. I say save money because once you find the one you’ll be ready to buy them a ring and save for a home for the both of you. Of course, if this is what you want.”

12. “The whole blanket to yourself. Unmatched comfort.”

Are you still tempted to get in a relationship?