“Ruk jaao, kaali billi ne rasta kaat lia hai.”
“Sab sahi chal raha hai, touchwood.”

We – each desi across the world – has heard this and several other notions in the name of superstitions. In fact, there are as many superstitions – for luck, love and fortunes – in our nation as there are languages. 

In a thread, a bunch of netizens revealed the weirdest superstitions they have ever heard and trust us, the entire thread is quite interesting. Take a look!

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1. “Three people should not go to anyone’s house, so they call a child to tag along. As a child, relatives visiting us from out of town used to make me go with them just because there were three of them. My mom used to suggest carrying a stone instead of me, and that both work just the same. How insulting.” –GutsyGoofy

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2. “If you play Himesh Reshammiya’s ‘Jhalak Dikhla Ja’ then it summons a ghost. The weirdest one I have ever heard.” –runoberynrun

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3. “If you drink coffee when pregnant, your kid will be dark and if you drink milk, they will be fair.” –short_of_good_length

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4. “Don’t cut hair or nails on Thursday.” –Naruto_Uzumaki_leaf

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5. “Raat ko jashn manaane se bhoot-pret aate hai.” –iamcoollife1994

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6. “If a crow shits on you before an exam and that shit is very liquidy in texture, then the exam paper will be very easy.” –theredbantoo

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7. “Period blood se jaadu tona. I’ve heard that it’s the worst type and most effective.” –Theblackdiamond_7

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8. “Saturday ke din loha ni khareedte.” –iamcoollife1994

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9. “Don’t cross over someone or else their height will be reduced. Don’t eat directly from kadhaai or else it will rain on your marriage. Double head bump, if first done by mistake, or else a cat will bite you.” –imnits45

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10. “Scissors direct haath me nahi dete, jagda hota hai.” –Devanshi_13658

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11. “Don’t see photos or videos of snakes otherwise they will be visiting us.” –bond060

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12. “Khaali kenchi nahi chalate, apshagun hota hai.” –Intelligent-Gap-3930

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13. “If you are getting hiccups, it means someone is missing you.” –Anus_Wrinkle

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14. “Knuckle-cracking is forbidden at religious gatherings, good and bad family events.” –maheshbalajir

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15. “Bad luck if footwear is upside-down.” –lost_sole-96

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16. “Sneezing before leaving will cause bad luck. Kala tikka will ward off nazar. A birthmark means that’s where you were killed in your previous life.” –Confusion24

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Well, a bunch of these sound like made-up things I tell my three-year-old niece!