Emojis can be difficult to navigate, especially if you are on the older side. Most of our parents send the wrong emojis all the time. Which is quite funny most of the time but then sometimes it comes out as entirely wrong, like cracking a joke at a funeral. 

1. Oh, wow! This just went real dark real soon. 


2. Good god! Where else has she used that emoji?

3. I cannot… There are no words! I am sorry, Shane. R.I.P.

4. I should also tell my own other that this emoji doesn’t mean what she thinks it means. 

5. Oh Brenda, have we screwed ourselves again?


6. Why would anyone think that looks like chocolate? It’s a turd. 


7. I hope her friend isn’t vegan! Cos that’s going to hurt. Just like 10-year-old Lucy did. 

The Sun

8. Thankfully it was clarified immediately. Or one might have seen some very uncomfortable conversations around the dinner tabl. 


9. This is getting way too dark. Didn’t sign up for this. 


10. How would you tear an ACL at a job interview?


11. Hint: One of them uses an iPhone, the other is a commoner with an android. 


12. Does it mean, she’s already done it a few times over posts about dead pet?

Daily Edge

13. They’re definitely not feeling better, you creep. 

The Sun

14. Given the rest of the stuff we have just seen, this is forgivable. 


15. Stop laughing then. 


Honestly, though, I did not expect these many dead people and pet jokes, I swear.