Life is tough in itself with the world falling apart as we see it. Therefore, it is important to take it upon yourself to make it easier for you with every decision.

This Reddit thread asks people about the ways they improved the quality of their lives.

1. Watching the sky

2. Exercising everyday

3. Moving closer to work

4. On the other side: Moving away from home

5. Doing at least one chore a day

6. Removing the doormat

7. Quitting smoking

8. Giving up internet wars

9. Reading more, not just “high-brow” literature

10. Eating properly

11. Getting diagnosed

12. Lazer eye surgeries

13. Leaving unhappy/toxic relationships

14. Living in the work week, not despite it

15. Switching eco-friendly for period products

16. Getting a bidet

From life-changing decisions to the smallest alterations, it is all about making your life easier and more fulfilling.