At some point in our lives, we all have had a few too many drinks and gotten drunk. But the best part about getting drunk is mostly not remembering the unusual things we did while being so that’ll we’ll never ever even think of while being sober. So, here are some people from Reddit who shared their wildest drunk experiences and we’re actually impressed :

1. This one time I got really drunk at my friend’s birthday party (shots are always fun but never a good idea) and went to the washroom to pee. While I don’t remember how exactly it happened, when I came out, the sink was broken. (I feel it was broken already and I did not notice it because well, the aforementioned shots) And that’s not even the worst bit. We were at a friend’s house, so the birthday girl (pretty drunk herself) kept promising that she will personally fix the sink. it was a broken sink! but hey alcohol gives us all more confidence than is health, right?
– Srishti 

2. Passed out drunk while running a bath. The water caved in my downstairs neighbour’s ceiling.
– possibleliability 

3. Spent the day on a pontoon boat on a lake drinking and smoking weed. Then we went for dinner at the lodge we were staying at. After dinner, there was more drinking and a stripper. I then proceed to tell her that someone at the party slapped the stripper’s ass while she was giving another guy a lap dance. She freaks out and grabs the beer bottle out of the hand of the guy she was giving a lap dance and is about to hit the guy that slapped her ass in the head with it. Someone grabs it out of her hand and she is talked down and calms down. Crisis averted and we all continue on the night and have a good time. Fast forward a few weeks and my wife and I are having dinner with my best friend and his fiance. My wife starts talking about what happened there and my best friend looks at me and yells it was you! Apparently, I was so drunk and stoned that I didn’t realize it was me that did this but remembered that it happened. 

4. Grabbed a good friend’s moms tits when I was a teenager. The next morning I knew something wasn’t right and things were never the same between me and the mother again. 
– trollcitybandit  

5. So, I went to a party with a car full of friends. We got there started mingling and the next thing I knew… I woke up in the woods! In a sleeping bag! With something like 8 beers tucked inside. 
– ancientflowers  

6. Tried to take a shit. Woke up hours later with my pants around my ankles, on the floor. Everything including the floor, my clothes, and the walls were smeared in crap.
– Peabody429 

7. The first time I got drunk, I started laughing because I thought water in a water bottle looked the same upside down. I was just laying in my boyfriend’s bed laughing. He went to the bathroom. While he was gone, my laughing turned into panic, and by the time he came back, I was in a full blown panic attack. He had no idea what happened to me. He lifted me off the bed, and helped me to the couch where his mother was. She had no idea what to do. I was crying, shaking, breathing rapidly, and drooling. She gave me a bag to breathe in, but I couldn’t get my breath in the bag. Mind you, she had no idea I was drunk, only my boyfriend and I did. I was freaking out because I wasn’t supposed to mix alcohol with my meds and I was convinced I was going to die. Overall, not a fun night.
– Mally_Is_Here  

8. Fell asleep on the bus. The bus driver didn’t find me so parked the bus somewhere and left. Everyone was looking for me. Even my ex. 
– kstar1996

9. Took a power puke while running to catch a flight. Tried to write my name in the snow with pee as a girl. Didn’t take my pants off, just pulled them down and triumphantly pissed in them.
– naai

10. So, I went for a party and obviously puked the hell out after mixing my drinks. So, the next morning I thought the horror was over and I took a metro home. But guess what happened? I ended up puking on the metro as well, I tried to get out of the metro and puked there too. Very conveniently after that I picked a corner in the metro station and passed out there. I woke up in the evening. 
– Anonymous 

11. Blacked out at a party, lost my phone, found it on a barbecue, accused the barbecue of stealing my phone and tackled it. Came out of my blackout with blood all over my face and a crooked nose. 
– Pitchslap 

12. I was headed to a party with a group of friends and needed some liquid courage to help me approach a guy I thought was cute. I drank half a bottle of Jameson and headed to the party. I spotted him, walked over, felt funny, turned around, walked out, and barfed. I somehow ended up at my friend’s house to a thousand messages. Turns out, my friend made out with the guy I was trying approach ‘cause I was too drunk to get there first. Now I can’t drink Jameson.
– ovnijoyce