Driving on Indian streets is a new adventure every day. There are rules that are never followed. People make their own rules and thus a new traffic rule book is laid down.

Someone on Reddit asked people to share some unwritten traffic rules in India and Redditors had a long list.

1. “There’s no such thing as a one-way.” – bingewatcher99

2. “For two-wheelers – Road is road. The footpath is a road. Any narrow passage is a road.” – Rishu_pandey

The Asian Age

3. “Traffic lights are just suggestions that can be ignored.” – Silver-Excitement-80

4. “Cows can stop all traffic at signal at red light better than any traffic police can.” – bottlegreenblue

Tribune India

5. “Use horn all the time.” – Confident-Way-7386

6. “While waiting, no need to keep looking at the green signal, relax take a nap. People will honk you the moment it’s green.” – covid_depressed

7. “Look both ways before crossing one-way road.” – praveeja

8. “It’s fine if someone is driving in the wrong direction if they’re slowly going along the edge. Probably missed a turn somewhere.” – AFullmetalNerd

9. “Zebra crossings are for decorative purposes only.” – leftanantcolonel

10. “Never expect people to use indicators.” – skovt_98

11. “For two-wheelers, side mirrors are for makeup and not to use before changing lanes!!” – shindesarang22

12. “You should drive over the dotted lane markings like a monorail; that is you should straddle both lanes to ensure the markings are going under the middle of your car.” – Silver-Excitement-80

13. “You don’t need to wait for traffic to clear to change lanes or make a turn as long as you have put your indicator; other vehicles should suddenly come to a complete halt or get off the road to enable you to do so.” – Silver-Excitement-80

What are some unwritten rules that you follow while driving?