We believe a lot of things that we hear, so much so, that when they’re proven incorrect, we dismiss logic and science. At this point, it honestly seems like anyone with confidence can brush off a fact. And as deceptive that is, it does sound powerful. But, it is weird finding out that you believed something for a long time, that isn’t even correct. Sad, even. 

And Redditors talk about some hoaxes that some people still trust:

1. “Touching a baby bird will make its parents reject it.”

2. “That cracking your knuckles gives you arthritis.”

3. “We only use 10% of our brains.”

4. “If you pull out a grey hair, three more grow in its place. My sister still believes this one.”

5. “Shaving makes hair grow thicker.”

6. “Blood is blue in the veins, and red in the arteries. Literally every elementary school teacher I had, kept this lie going.”

– XLPH725

7. “The earth being flat. We have literally done studies, taken pictures, boiled all of that down to the level that a kindergartener can understand it, and some idiots still don’t get it.”

8. “That NASA spent billions developing a pen to work in space, and the Russians just used a pencil.”

– Dythi

9. “That using a tampon can take away a female’s virginity. It’s crazy that people still believe that myth even though it’s been busted many years ago.”

10. “The idea that carrots give you better eyesight.”

– gahidus

11. “That you swallow 8 spiders a year in your sleep.”

12. “Am I gonna need to post the most obvious answer? People thinking that vaccines cause autism.”

13. “Wearing hats too frequently will make you go bald.”

14. “That you can see the Great Wall of China from space. How people thought you could, is beyond me, but it refuses to die.”

15. “That dogs’ mouths are cleaner than humans!”

Facts are highly underrated.