Some of us think a lot.

We think more than we should. We think not only for ourselves but for others as well. It’s almost like we have taken over the job of thinking for everyone in the entire world. Our hair is turning grey, our anxiety levels are shooting up the sky, but we cannot help over analysing and over thinking everything around us. We get stressed out and paranoid about the littlest things in our lives. It has affected all of us at some point or the other and to be honest, it fucking sucks. Once you get sucked in a stream of thoughts, you start diving even deeper. 

Here are 13 comic strips illustrating those moments in the life of an overthinker. Scroll on. 

1. When someone casually says ‘Hi’ to you but you’re a paranoid mess inside. 

2. Mom and over thinking, what are you saying? No fucking way!!!

3. When you are awesome but also an overthinker. 

4. You have a loving boyfriend but you love thinking more. 

5. When you have overthinking friends.

6. When you can’t even calm the fuck down. Not at all. Not even for a bit. 

7. Are you sure poop is something you should be overthinking about? Mayyybe. 

8. When plane turbulence=death for you. 

9. Rats can make you overthink. Don’t believe me? Scroll on. 

10. When, for you, any situation will lead to doomsday. 

11. So did you leave the gas on or did you leave the gas on?

12. When you think that everyone is bitching about you behind your back and you can’t really take it no more. 

13. Can overthinking kill? Probably, yes!

Comic illustrations by Rashi Khandelwal