Kala Chashma is one of the popular Punjabi tracks that most of us enjoy listening to. Not only desis, even foreigners love grooving to this peppy dance number especially in weddings. While there are many versions of the Kala Chashma performances online, you might have never imagined yourself watching this one.


Brace yourself ‘coz you are about to watch an entertaining crossover of Kala Chashma and Peppa Pig (yes, the cartoon character). And there’s not one but four Peppa Pigs, ladies & gentlemen. It’s cute and fun at the same time.

I am talking about this video which is going viral on Twitter. The clip posted by @Kav_Kaushik shows four people grooving to the song on the dance floor at a party. What grabs our attention the most is that they are dressed up in Peppa Pig outfits. In the video, we also see a few kids who are enjoying the performance. The tweet reads:

Truly hope this is the crab evolution pipeline of memes. all algorithms finally converge to a peppa pig bollywood dance troupe (sic).


Watch it here:

And of course, Twitterati are loving this performance. Check out their reactions here:

If the entire evolution of the internet, mobile compute, social networks, and content creation tools led to this moment of seeing four Peppa pigs dancing to kala chasma, I feel it’s worth it. We did it folks, we did it (sic)!


I will not be taking questions about how accurately this mirrors my mental health right now. Thank you. 


When on the surface you are angrez but your atma is still desi (sic).


Pepa moves! I’m doing this at every wedding I’m forced to attend (sic).


Earlier in June this year, a video of foreigners performing to Kala Chashma at a wedding went insanely viral on the internet. Their Bollywood-style moves were hit among desis. Watch that clip here:

Coming back to the latest video, if you have a wedding to attend in future, how about practising on this crossover?