Back in the day, people used to send letters to their lovers via pigeons. And those who couldn’t do that, used to find someone, who knew someone, who knew someone, who knew the person.

It was a different time. These days, we just confess our feelings on Reddit.

Like this person, who wrote a whole post for the love of their life, Jackie Shroff, in hope that it will reach him. So, we thought we will help this person out. 

The post is titled: If you’re Jackie Shroff and reading this, I need you to know that I grow tired of stifling this torrent of passion within me.


And though it clearly mentions that we should avert our gaze if we’re not Jackie, one can have only so much self-control when it comes to a brilliant piece of writing. 

The writer of this post wants a “torrid and passionate (platonic or non-platonic) relationship” with Jackie and has often day-dreamed about him turning up to their window.

We’d both be intoxicated by the heady fumes of our infatuation and the paint primer, and you would then lean in slowly and softly call out, ‘Wherefore art thou, bhidu?’.

It’s not completely platonic though. The person has their own desires, which, in fact, even got them into trouble.

Back in my schooldays, I had been kicked out of my school’s computer lab multiple times for having an internet search history comprising of terms like ‘Jackie Shroff Taut Abs’, ‘Jackie Shroff Titanic Painting Photoshop’, ‘Jackie Shroff Sexy Polio’, and ‘Bhidusexuality’. I apologize if my boldness shocks you, I truly do love you both chastely and crudely.
Gif Karo

The writer also mentions other fantasies like them going bumping into each other while shopping for books. But what takes the cake (or in this case, the chutney) is this momo fantasy.

You’d tell me that you set out to find a book but found a lifelong friend instead and you’d plant the momo I bought you and it’d grow into a beautiful momo tree and when it started yielding momos we’d pluck them together and open a momo stand of our own somewhere in a quiet Italian village and spend the rest of our days exporting momos.

The post ends with the writer’s simple yet profound desire to be loved by Jackie, even if the love comes in some other form and isn’t 100%. 10% is fine for this person.

I know you might not want to offer to me all that I ask of you, but even if you give me a tenth of that, I’ll die happy and I’ll live for you, every day with you as my one and only true bhidu

It’s hard not to feel for this person and admire them – as Reddit comments will also tell you.

We approve of this kind of passion, and so does Jackie, look. 


You can read the entire post, here.

If you’re Jackie Shroff and reading this, I need you to know that I grow tired of stifling this torrent of passion within me from r/india