As the pandemic has forced everyone indoors and pretty much all professional communication is done online, there have been certain gaffes that have made the news. After all, the potential for disaster during Zoom calls is immense. 

A Philippines government official was caught having sex with his secretary during a Zoom virtual session. After appearing to switch off the camera, he went on to have sex with his secretary, unaware that the camera was still on.

Captain Jesus Estil of the Fatima Dos village council in the province of Cavite has been relieved of his duties after the embarrassing incident.

Several members of the village council watched on as Estil indulged in the act, which was deemed as gross misconduct. The footage showed him having sex in a far corner of the room even as the meeting went on. People had some interesting reactions.

One of the council members recorded the entire scene and made it public, after which there was a petition to oust him from the job. The petition went through, and the randy official was let go.