One of the biggest modes of transport in the country, the metro is also one of the fastest. Little wonder then that every day, millions of people use it to reach their destinations. And while metro service exists in other countries as well, it’s the Indian metro that emerges as the coolest. 

Don’t believe us? Allow these pics to convince you.

1. It inspires people to become self-sufficient. #MakeInIndia

2. It helps everybody reach their destination faster. And we mean EVERYBODY.

3. It encourages people to exercise. Because health = wealth.

4. It has the answer to India’s water crisis.

5. It genuinely believes that gender is a social construct.

6. Even the country’s PM prefers using it over his convoy.

7. It gives people a platform to express their talent.

8. It unites the nation. Like literally, unites the people real tight.

9. It offers you free treadmill to exercise your pets.

10. It doesn’t discriminate between an ‘aam’ aadmi and a khaas aadmi.

11. It promotes fashion.

12. As well as wrestling.

13. It has produced some of the finest gymnasts in the country.

14. It gives you cabin storage to keep your luggage.

15. It encourages people to think differently.

Such metro. Much wow. Very amaze.