In this mainly human dominated world where we make all the rules and also conveniently break them, we forget that animals too can be total badasses and have us all in splits. There are those brave furry creatures amongst us who don’t care about your stupid rules. They don’t play by your rules because your rules are dumb. 

Here are those badass animals from around the world who ran out of fucks to give, but gave us plenty to laugh about.


Ran out of fucks to give.  

“Ha! the joke is on you, I can’t read” 

“Sorry human, I think I am allowed”

The couch is for losers!

This bird will be hosting the next season of Khatron Ke Khiladi

Just us trying to make it past the walls of our office 

Because this goat likes to fuck with the system

Doesn’t make the cut, apparently

Living on the edge, are we? 

Doesn’t care very much for racist comments. 

Just hanging out

Did you say dogs?

I may not be allowed, but my pee is

But I can sleep on it

No no, been found 

My life, my rules.

I will lay my tushie wherever I please

“I don’t understand”

Don’t mind me

Every group has that one person

Pushing it a little

 What did you say?

No, you are the hamster on the wheel.