We’ve all had that one photograph we thought would be perfect because a stranger offered to click it for us but actually, turned out to a major disaster. 

Though strangers who offer to click our pictures are sweet, what would you tell them if they ruin your travel pictures? 

Here are 30 not-so-perfect pictures that would make you travel with someone and never alone, just to ensure you come back with great-looking shots!

1. How about the view?

2. Wrong timing!

Sean Thomason

3. The jubilant kids!

Richard McCann

4. That uncontrollable finger!

Kate Miller

5. Ruined the sunset!

Michaela Scholte

6. Because what would we do without our hands?

7. The not-so-perfect people at the perfect spot.

8. This hurts the most!


9. Well… well… well!

Tyler Lum

10. That’s major love for the Eiffel Tower!


11. A stranger took his photo with Mona Lisa instead!

12. They couldn’t prove they were at the Yankees Game.

: kristinwbrowny

13. Finger AGAIN!


14. A stranger in a hurry took this.


15. Thank you for this stranger!


16. That wonderful stranger!

17. Shoutout to this one!

sydney mackillop

18. The only epic one!

Hotel La Pace‏

19. A stranger fond of legs!

Macca Bill

20. Disadvantage of traveling alone.


21. Rolled my eyes on this the most!

22. The emitting light is almost blinding. 

Samaya Roary

23. The perfect mid-sneeze picture.

Gavin Fernando

24. The only one from Christmas! 


25. The dangerous panorama created by a stranger.


26. How could the stranger not take the heads? 

27. Planned to frame this but NO!


28. All that hard work went for a toss!


29. That was the Statue of Liberty, FYI.


30. The one failed angle in Chicago!

Tyler Steffen

I dare you to travel alone and come back with satisfying pictures!