Trust me, it’s hard to tell what’s real and what’s not.

Do you often fall for those pretty photos on Instagram with perfect lighting, dreamy views and perfect curves? Turns out it’s all a lie.

1. That’s a stark difference there.

2. A perfect example of how simple materials make the best pics.


3. Clearly did not see that coming.

4. I’m sure he had no idea of the shot glass in the final shot.



5. Can you believe these two pics are from the same day? The one on the left was posted by Khloe Kardashian, and she was tagged in the photo on the right.

6. This fitness blogger posted about ‘over-exaggerated’ pics on Instagram.

7. This is totally genius.


8. Liked the shot?

See the setup…

9. It took a hell lot of cellotape (and photography skills) to create this shot.

10. Spending a lovely day at beach? Not really.

11. How a slight adjustment changes everything.


12. Sometimes you got to put that bathroom sink to use for the perfect Instagram pic.


13. Who would have thought this could happen?

14. Some food coloring, milk and dish soap creating the coolest watercolour effect.

15. Baby powder is the OG spotlight here.


16. Trash? Where is it?

17. Only if people posted their real gym photos.

18. It’s not what you see.

19. Sometimes the perfect image is just a matter of perspective.


20. Sometimes you need to make maximum use of your surroundings.

How did you get your perfect shot?