Farts can be really embarrassing, especially when they come at the worst time possible. The hiding of an incoming fart is really an experiment in performing under stress. The biggest problem is, even though you can hide the sound of a fart, you cannot really escape the smell that follows. 

We’ve all found ourselves in an age-old stinky situation: we have to fart and the bomb dropped is a big one.


Fret not, my friend, because this inventor has found a solution. 

Christian Poincheval, a French inventor has invented a pill that he claims can change the way your farts smell. The fragrances vary from roses, chocolates, violets and even ginger. These pills are 100% natural, and are sold on his website Lutin Malin


The idea occurred to Christian when he thought to himself, ‘it would be more appropriate to be able to fart without bothering the neighbours!’ 

UNILAD got in touch with Lutin Malin, who explained the science behind how these pills work, 

The initial trials using mint or estrogen did not give the desired results so Poincheval turned to natural dietary supplement ingredients. Many ingredients were tested and in the end it was a special mix providing different benefits that gave the desired effect. 
Coupled with a natural aroma component, the Rose and Violet (lilac) Fart Pills were launched. In January 2015 a special Saint Valentine’s Day ginger pill was released followed by lilly of the valley for May Day in 2019.

Now obviously, these pills are not miracle-pills. You need to have them regularly as they change the smell of your farts. They recommend, 

Taken daily without interruption the Fart Pill will progressively aromatise the digestive tract thus relieving stench and even giving it a floral fragrance. The precise dosage depends on the individual’s condition, dietary habits and the desired effect. It is recommended to take 2 to 6 pills per day spread out at meal times with a glass of water.

The best part about these ‘air-fresheners’ is that they are available in a powder format for your pooches too. 


Do you know someone who needs these fart pills?