It’s Pisces season. Let’s feel all the feels.

1. Helpful. Thy name is Pisces.

2. Self love is a Pisces’ jam.

3. Are you just extra or Pisces extra?

4. Feel all the feels like a Pisces does.

5. A Pisces’ moto: Love all.

6. Money can buy happiness if you’re one o us.

7. We thrive on others’ drama.

8. But can’t see anything wrong with ourselves.

9. Cause we’re celebrities in every right. Fight us on that.

10. Actually don’t fight us. Cause the drama will intensify.

11. A Piscean crushes hard. Real hard.

12. And loves even harder.

13. Even the slightest gesture is a sign for us Pisceans.

14. We want to have a good time with all our loved ones around. Don’t cancel plans that we make.

15. When a Piscean gives advice, we must take it.

16. Did I mention that Pisceans are just a little extra?

17. Extra souls who love their friends a little too much.

18. Pisceans can compete in the championship of jumping to conclusions.

Amidst that extra emo exterior, there’s the sweet Pisces soul we all love.