Like everyone else, I had also planned several trips in 2020. Arey, I had even memorised the holiday calendar and long weekends.

But 2020 had something else in store. Just like these cool places it allowed me to visit till now.

1. Kitchen

Kitchen is the only place in the entire world (my home), I have visited the most in 2020.


2. Balcony

I never realised the importance of a balcony as I do now. It is indeed the only way for me to stay connected to the outer world.

The Hindu

3. Sofa

Eat on sofa, sleep on sofa, work on sofa – this has been my anthem for 2020.

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4. Terrace

With no gyms or parks to go for running or walking, the terrace has been the sole witness to my fitness routine. And the only place that has kept me sane.

The Hindu

5. Door

I can’t even keep a count of the times I’ve gone to the door, stared for minutes and returned in disappointment.


6. Wardrobe

It’s been a long time since I dressed up to go out. There have been times when I would just go to my wardrobe, open it, and look at all the stuff I’d been using, if not for lockdown.


7. Study table

Although occasionally, I make it a point to sit and work at my study table. For a moment, it feels like I’m back to office.


8. Lone corner in the room

Away from the world, that one lone corner in room is my go-to place when I want cry my heart out.


9. The pool…

… of tears.

What did you think?

the reflector

10. Bed

Oh, what a journey it has been, from bed to bed and again bed.


11. Window

At times, I just go to the window, open it and feel the fresh air.


12. Bathroom

From crying and bathing to sitting on the throne and finding time alone in a crowded house, bathroom has kept all my secrets. 

The ultimate bucket list to have this year.

Disclaimer: Please stay at home and stay safe.