If you have seen Modi ji recently, you might have spotted very significant facial hair growth. Which shouldn’t come as a surprise but given that Modi ji doesn’t live in South Delhi, it’s a bit weird to look at. 

India Today

Thinking of it, if he were from South Delhi, he would also be spotting a earring and that would be somehow a lot weirder. 

Oh, hey guys, this is not a criticism of Modi ji or his beard. I am really curious and have nothing else to do. I mean, if one were to criticise Modi ji, his beard won’t be where they start. Doesn’t even make the top 20. 


Anyhow, going back to the beard, it’s grown quite a bit since the lockdown. Could it be that Modi ji is trying out looks based on the theme of the season. Does, Modi ji think it’s a fashion statement? Jesus, we do it cos, work from home, man! We’re just lazy. 


If you still think that is not a reason to talk about his beard, please, everyone else on Twitter is. 

This dude thinks Modi ji would actually see this. Well, if this article helps him, well… good for you, bro.

WHOA! Coming off a little strong there, my dude. 

Wow! This dude, gets it. 

He he he…

Oh, God! This is really dark.

And BTW, if you’re thinking Modi ji has not grown that beard with intention, you’re wrong, my friend. That is a pretty good trim around it. 


My only concern is, how long is he willing to let it go? Does he want to get to Ramdev’s level or take it a notch higher and get that whole M.S. Golwakar look. That would actually be really amazeballs for his fanbase. 


We’ll never know. After all, we know Modi ji doesn’t take a lot of time before making sudden decisions. So maybe, one fine day at 8 PM in the night, we’ll see a clean-shaven Modi ji. Hopefully, it won’t be followed by a noteban.