What do you do when you are bored? You do weird things.

Apparently some people check posts in which celebrities are tagged on Instagram. A Reddit user did the same with PM Modi’s Instagram profile and the results left us wanting more.

So, we also checked out the pictures in which he is tagged.

From vacation pics at the beaches…

To those of road trips…

And workout pics… People have tagged him in the most unexpected posts.

There are reels too.

And he’s been tagged in some of the most cringeworthy reels.

As the hashtag says just for fun. Watching this must be too much fun for PM Modi.

Breakup reels bhi hai.

PM Modi is surely the special one.

Someone even tagged him in a photo of Rakulpreet Singh. Why?

So much for likes and follows?

People have tagged the PM in random photos of theirs.

The more I scroll, the more cringe I get.

The Reddit post that brought these pictures to notice is getting a lot of responses. While some people feel he should have a better social media manager, others are just happy with the entertainment material.

Is Instagram the new TikTok?

These pics and posts in which PM Modi has been tagged by his countrymen are absurdly funny. But while scrolling through the tagged posts, I could find just a few useful posts tagging the PM in which could make a change.