With 35.2 million followers on Instagram and 53.4 million on Twitter, PM Narendra Modi is one of the most followed people on social media. There is a reason for that. He is basically an influencer. 

PM Modi is doing all things a good influencer should do, to keep their numbers steady and I have proof to back my arguments.

1. He never misses a chance to play gimmicks.

*Guess what guys, I have had enough, social media is so toxic*.

Cut to…

2. Always wants to stay in focus. Always.

3. Posts videos of himself doing quirky things to break monotony.

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At the Def Expo 2020 held in #Lucknow.

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4. Vacayyyy picxxxx.

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A picture from my recent #Kedarnath visit.

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5. Food pictures because #SundayBrunchScenes.

6. When he does something, he makes sure every one knows. Warna point hi kya hai?

7. Goes live every now and then, because traction.

8. Asks random questions to make sure interaction bana rahe.

9. Goes out of his way to keep up with latest trends.

10. Posts throwback pictures.

11. Wishes every one on their birthday to maintain good relations.

12. Posts pictures with babies because sabse zyaada likes usmein hi aate hain.

13. Puts up wanderlust-y pictures with deep quotes.

Waiting for him to share his Daniel Wellington watch offer code.