If you ever went through the whole I want to change my name to something epic like Dick phase in your life at least once as a kid, you know it was a good decision to have decided not to follow through. Because we have 25 reasons why your name’s fine the way it is and shouldn’t be messes with. Ask these guys here and they’ll agree.

25 ridiculous names of people that have surely made there lives hell.

1. I want to laugh, but I can’t.

2. With close associate, Bugs.

3. In case you were wondering.

4. Lunch and dinner.

5. Most depressing life story ever.

6. 71, and the power continues.

7. Was he really the right man for the job?

8. When they ask, “what do you want on your gravestone?” “What I was best at.”

9. He didn’t grow up with a lot of friends.

10. Nobody trusts him.

11. So fitting that he’s in sales.

12. Yes, what about it?

13. Are you asking me or telling me?

14. I understand how that status happened.

15. I see how this could’ve gone wrong.

16. He never even got a chance.

17. The mornings are madness.

18. Just one’s enough.

19. While he stares into your soul.

20. Years and years of it.


21. He’s got a tough life.

22. We really didn’t need another one.

23. Ab bas bhi karo, thak jaaoge.

24. He hears that a lot anyway.

25. Someone’s really proud of their judgement in politics.

Perfect examples of bad first impressions!

Masthead Source: sandystewartrip.blogspot.com, Feature Image Source: sunnyskyz.com