When a Hollywood movie releases in Poland, they don’t just pick the posters that made the movie world famous. No sir. The Polish folk believe in buying the rights for the movie’s artwork and recreate it in their own style. Because when it comes to artwork, whatever Hollywood can do, they can do better. At least, that’s what I imagine they thought. These Polish movie posters of popular Hollywood movies will definitely make you go WTF!

Here are 15 Polish movie posters alongside their Hollywood counterparts that you probably wouldn’t have guessed otherwise.

1. The Shining

2. The Terminator

3. The Godfather

4. The Omen

5. Fight Club

6. The Exorcist

7. Planet Of The Apes

8. Alice In Wonderland

9. Face Off

10. 2001: A Space Odyssey

11. Back To The Future

12. Apocalypse Now

13. Top Gun

14. The Big Lebowski

15. Alien


Masthead Source: dorkly.com