Everytime you feel that you’ve seen and heard it all, there comes some news that proves you wrong. Like this news about a woman in Madhya Pradesh who a suffered shoulder injury when apparently a frozen ball of shit fell on her from high above.

According to a report by The Times Of India, Rajrani Gaud, 60, from Aamkhoh village survived because the shitball hit the terrace before hitting her shoulder. Otherwise, it would’ve proved fatal.

An eyewitness Deepak Jain who’s a government school teacher in the village, said that he saw the ball crash into the woman’s house.

After hearing screams, village folks rushed to the woman’s aid and then took her to a hospital.

Experts are still debating whether it was ‘Blue Ice’ (an aviation term used for frozen waste material discarded mid-flight) or just a chunk of ice formed under the atmospheric conditions.

If it turns out to be blue ice, the victim will be entitled to some compensation.

Like they say. Shit happens.