Kinks come in all varieties, and considering it’s a free world – that’s fair game. If you thought the prime purveyor of porn – Pornhub had a bunch of strange fetishes and tastes listed out on its categories, think again.

A PornHub parody website called Scrubhub is now in business, featuring famous pornstars washing their hands suggestively. And by suggestively, we mean suggesting you wash your hands too. 

Ani Acopian and Suzy Shinn, who partnered with Pornhub for the project, said,

We wanted to take something as mundane as washing your hands and make it entertaining in the only way we know how (by taking a joke way too far).

Despite the content being totally PG, the video names are x-rated as fuck. Case in point – ‘Touchy Nurse With Natural Hands Gets Cleaned Up’.

Money raised by the website will be given to various organisations providing food and essentials to communities at risk.


Considering Pornhub is banned in India anyway, it’s a good time to switch to this ‘cleaner’ alternative.