With the price of fuel rising faster than boiling milk when you’re not looking, things are looking pretty glum. It’s the 19th consecutive day of increase in cost, which is translating to some extremely expensive refills. While diesel has hit a dizzying Rs 80.02, petrol currently stands at Rs 79.92 per litre. That means to fill your tank to the brim with diesel, you’d have to shell out approximately Rs 2800, at least for a budget car like the WagonR (Just a few years ago, you could get a full tank for Rs 2000). Here’s some cheaper things you could get for that much.

1. You could get yourself a pet guinea pig to keep you company during lockdown. Heck, you could even buy it a cute little bed.


2. This uber-luxurious L’Occitane Aromachologie Body & Strength Shampoo. This stuff is like liquid gold, and costs as much too.

Bella and Robot

3. You could buy at least three of these 400-in-one retro game boxes. It’s even got Mario!


4. A full bottle of Absolut vodka, and still have money left over for mixers and chakhna.


5. Lekin vodka kaun peeta hai? Just get 4 bottles of Old Monk instead.

Social Ketchup

6. You could buy 2 fancy volvo bus tickets all the way to Manali. ‘The hills are calling’ wala FB status comes free. 

Ant Travels

7. This bone rattling speaker system that’ll have your booty shakin’ and your neighbours complainin’.


8. 70 finger skateboards so you can do ollies and kickflips in your room. 


9. 35 pairs of aviator sunglasses for you and the crew – to wear on Zoom calls of course.

How To Act

10. 4 glowing luminous neckties because why the fuck not.


In all seriousness however, it’s terrible that such a price rise is ongoing, especially considering that international crude oil prices are very low currently.