Recently, the whole country has been obsessed with drugs and weed- all the scary-bad things strangers were supposed to force us to take in colleges! 


No stranger ever does that. That was a harsh realisation. What, however, has been a rude awakening for me is the fact that all these prime time news anchors do the shit they do on LIVE TV, all sober. 


None of them has ever smoked a joint. I think, we can establish that at this point after the uproar that led to Rhea Chakraborty’s arrest. 


What sober person indulges in behaviour this? I have actually been to West Delhi weddings where drunk uncles behave more civil. And that is saying something. 

Sorry about choosing a video with music. It is so that we can ignore for a very brief moment the misogynistic cesspool those newsrooms have made our living rooms.

I mean, look at this. This is the day we found out that our GDP in the first quarter of 2020-21 has contracted by 23.9%. How is talking about the GDP that very night is not what the nation wants. 

And of course, you remember the whole nano-chip in the Rs 2,000 note! He explained the whole fake process. How, how are these people doing shit while being so averse to drugs. 

Then there’s this video, where Sudhir Chaudhary just explains why Chinese soldiers would be weak. Cos, they are not used to hardship on account of being the only children. 

Why, man? Yaar Sudhir, why?


If nobody was at least passive smoking weed while the making of this segment…

And I am not the only one thinking this!

This dude thinks we don’t realise it’s a simulation. Dude, we watch MCU. Come on, man. You need to have something, smoke something, eat maybe but you can’t just do this sober and expect us to believe you. 

You know, this is a humour article, god damn, the sheer state of these whole industry makes me wanna cry. Nobody should be able to do this, sober otherwise. Like, someone has to tell them right? That the whole simulation thing is just lame. 


And the rest of the shouting bunch, I am genuinly impressed you can do so much, ironically be so desperately creative at a job that just lierally just requires you to tell the truth, all while being sober.