Desperate times, call for desperate measures. Tough times dictate you set your priorities straight. That’s when you decide what’s most important to you. However, like most things, the meaning of the word ‘important’ is subjective. Hey, different people, different priorities. We ain’t judging.

Take for example these beautiful creatures right here. Trying to do what they deemed was most crucial to their survival. Don’t judge ’em people. They’re just tryin’ to stay alive.

1. Kiss toh hota rahega but text na milega dobara.


2. I’d do anything for that perfect shot. I repeat, anything.


3. Because father’s love.


4. Log toh aate rahenge but high score baar baar nahin banta.


5. Just hold my newborn, while I update my Facebook status.

6. Because anything for man’s best friend.


7. That moment when a dog is about to bite you but someone says smile please.


8. Oh look, I’m on fire! Better adjust my helmet first.


9. Must. Save. Alcohol.


10. “Help! Fire!”

“Wait, lemme clean my firetruck first.”


11. OMG, look! A cupcake!

12. Man pictured here with the love of his life. Also, his girlfriend.


13. “Dad’s still trapped inside!””Just shut up and smile!”


14. Coca-Cola. Open happiness.

NBC News

15. “Help! My house is on fire!”

“Too bad. Care for some noodles?”

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Priorities. You need to get ’em straight, folks.