We all want to take control of our thoughts. But just like our emotions, our brain is complex too. It is always good to study some psychological facts about your brain so you can always deal better. Elisabeth Donatella, who is a certified coaching practitioner, has started a series called Psychological Facts You Didn’t Know About Yourself”. With no further due, let us dive in to understand our brains better.

1. It takes five positive things for your brain to outweigh one negative thing. Your brain has “negativity bias.” This is why you quickly forget when someone compliments you but, you keep dwelling that someone else made fun of you for something.

2. Your brain wants you to be lazy. Preserving energy is one of your brain’s topmost priorities. Its been one of the essential things for humans to survive.

3. How often you forget what you went into a room for as soon as you get there? Because of something called the “doorway effect.” So, when you walk through the doorway, you forget because you are changing your environment.

4. Your brain is programmed to love the music you listened to the most in your high school. The music that you love most hits you with dopamine and other feel-good chemicals in your body. From the age of 12 to 22 everything feels more prominent, so we tend to repeat those years the most and cling on to those musical memories.

5. You imitate people that you are interacting with, sometimes without even realizing it. But, mimicking someone can make them like you more. It is called: the chameleon effect. This can be in a form of mimicking someone’s facial expressions and also their speech patterns and accents.

6. Ever wondered why food made by someone else tastes better than your own cooking? That’s because you are standing around it for so long it already feels less appealing by the time it’s ready to eat.

7. You turn the volume off or lower it when you drive in unknown places. In some moments, you are focusing your attention on listening you are less conscious of the visual information that your brain is getting.

8. When you hesitate to take the last piece of food. Because you don’t feel like you have the right. Specialists called this phenomenon the diffusion of entitlement.

 9. Ever wondered why do you always give the best of your advice to people? Because you are more creative when solving someone else problems. To know this, we have to look into the construal level theory of psychological distance. The concept of self is closer to yourself than it is to other people. Other people are psychologically distant from you. Now you know why thinking for other people tends to improve problem-solving and even eradicate personal/emotional barriers to creativity.

 10. You thought you felt your phone rang in your pocket but, there are no notifications. This condition is called Phantom Vibration Syndrome and, 68% of us suffer from it.

11. You feel happier when you are busy. That’s because your brain gets not time to think. Your brain dislikes being idle. It likes to stay busy. For every task you finish you are rewarded with dopamine.

12. Who knew being forgetful is a symbol of great intelligence. Experts claim that forgetting is just as essential as remembering. “Bad memory” = mechanism for making more space for more important information in your brain. And it also keeps your brain from wasting space and energy.

 13. You always tend to place your feet towards the person you are most interested in. It is a called survival instinct. This is when your body is making sure your feet could react immediately if you feel any type of danger around

14. Well, you know your texting style say about your personality. If you  prefer to write long texts, you are sensitive and thoughtful. You see words as a meaningful and powerful tool and put feelings and thoughts into it.

  15. You always tend to be late. People who are chronically late have tendencies of underestimating how long a task is going to take to finish. This term is called the planning fallacy.

16. Well, though you are surrounded by your smartphones throughout the day, you cannot see them in your dreams. Experts suggest that since smartphones and other modern day devices are newer our brain are not used it

17. You hold the door open for other people. Experts have found this gesture goes beyond us just trying to be polite. Technically we are just trying to spend less energy doing things. This shows that we do try to treat others the way we want to be treated.

 18. Why do prefer to park your car next to another car in an almost empty lot? It is because we have the mentality to follow the crowd. This practice helps us to explain that we as humans are social beings.

It’s time to know ourselves better!