Misal, Shrewsbury biscuits, weather (better than the rest of India), Symbiosis… you have got to love Pune. If you have ever lived in Pune, or still live in the city, you will totally relate to these tweets.

1. Don’t have time to socialise


2. No one likes their culture being destroyed.


3. Yes, please!


4. Not all rules are meant to be broken, especially not this one.


5. Can’t break dress code now, can we?


6. If only they knew about the other fun things we have.


7. We have to make some sacrifices for love…..for the city.


 8. We all have our preferences.


8. This one needs no explaining.

 9. They don’t know how to speak in Marathi and that’s reason enough.


 10. The cabbies know exactly what we mean by this.


 11. Fir ban jayega. Don’t worry.


 12. Doesn’t sound as good when non-Punekars say it.


13. Deal with it.


 14. Maybe a few abuses too!


 15. The whole city knows the rule.


16. It’s an emotion.


 17. I hope all is well.


 18. Our traffic rules are not the same as yours.


 19.  It’s a fool-proof method.


20. Every damn time!


 Pune bole toh, ek number!