We’ve got a lot of free time on our hands nowadays, and not much to do with it. Changing it up is the name of the game, which is where this article comes in. There’s nothing that makes time go by faster than a fun quiz, and here, we’ve got a whole bunch you can choose from to while away the hours and take your mind off the mess.

1. If You Can Tell What These Spells Were Used For In Harry Potter, Your Owl Should Arrive Soon.


2. Take This Kitchen Ingredients Quiz To Know How Much Progress You’ve Made As A Quarantine Cook

Bollywood bubble

3. How ‘Normal’ Is Your Quarantine Routine? Take This Quiz To Find Out 

4. Is Your Cricket Knowledge A Perfect 100? Take This Quiz About Centuries To Find Out

5. Did Sadhguru Say These ‘Philosophical’ Things Or Did We Make Them Up?

Deccan Chronicle

6. Take This Quiz & We’ll Tell You Which Political Party You’re Secretly Part Of

7. Take This ‘Noice’ Quiz & Find Out Which ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Character Are You

Screen Rant

8. Take This Quiz & We’ll Tell You What Should Be Your Bridal Entry Song

Just Dial

9. Which Was Your Favourite Meme Of The Year 2019?

10. Take This Quiz & We’ll Tell You How Lazy Your Boyfriend Is


11. Put A Full Stop To Everything You Are Doing And Take This Punctuation Quiz


12. Did Modi Create This Acronym Or Did We Just Make This Up?

13. Were You Monica Or Rachel? Take This Quiz To Find Out Who You Were In Your College Days

Fame 10

14. Love Aam? Take This ‘Khaas’ Quiz & Find Out How Well You Know Your Mango


15. Take This ‘Pawsome’ Quiz & We’ll Tell You Which Breed Of Doggo You Are


Fun, huh?