From the weirdly impressive Inspector Clouseau who cracks the Pink Panther case to the cunningly brilliant Sgt. Bilko who makes the US military his playground, Steve Martin has played characters that we all love & adore. His comic timing and dialogue delivery make him one of the best comedians in history. What makes him even more amazing is that he applies comedy to his off-screen life as well and does it like a boss!

So, here are some of his best quotes that’ll help you figure out life in the funniest way:

I believe making people laugh is one of the most difficult & beautiful things one can pull off. You need immense talent for that. Speaking of talent, our 70-year-old man here has been gifted with that in abundance. If these quotes didn’t convince you, here’s Steve Martin showing his musical skills with a song he wrote himself and ending it, like always, on a comical note: