Our national animal might be the Tiger, but we are a country obsessed with dogs. It’s our favourite choice in pets, curse words, superstitions, positions and whiskey brands. If you really want to know how much we love dogs, ask a ‘ Maanglik’ .

Kutta ‘ is loosely used as a superlative for everything in general. ‘ Kutte ki tarah padhna’, ‘kutte ki tarah khaana’, ‘kutte ki tarah sharab peena’, ‘kutte ki tarah naachna’ . There are some weird ones too, let’s not mention everything.

No movie is complete without ‘ kutta dialogues ‘; whether you’re praising them or ridiculing them, there’s just no ignoring them. Here’s a ranking of quotes from Bollywood that prove just how important dogs are in our lives. Enjoy.

Please write in your favorite ‘kutta-quote’ from Bollywood, your relationship or life in general. It’ll be fun.