A man on Reddit shared a story about a scrabble night out with his girlfriend and her friend, and it did not sit well with the internet. His girlfriend and him went over to her new Indian friend’s place, who invited them over and cooked for them. 

When they decided to play scrabble, he noticed that the ‘Indian’ friend was cheating. 

Why did he think so? Because there is no way she could be so good at it. Especially since he was an English lit student, and a racist. 

Read his complete Reddit thread here

We’re so grateful for the girlfriend’s decision to reconsider her relationship with this oblivious and ignorant reddit thread writer. Also, FYI, India is the second-largest English speaking country in the world and we are taught the language right from primary school. The ignorance! 

Twitter obviously agrees that this man is being racist AF and decided to call him out on the ‘Am I The Asshole’ thread:

Someone even introduced the guy to Shashi Tharoor in the comments, and he refused to accept that he was Indian. 

BRB sending this man Akshay Kumar’s speech from Namaste London