The price of luxury is a heavy one and Rahul Bose learnt it the hard way. 

The actor is currently shooting in Chandigarh and is staying at a property of a high-end hotel chain. While working out at the gym, he ordered 2 bananas and the bill he got is absurd. 

Rahul Bose got charged Rs 442 for 2 bananas, GST included.

He turned to Twitter where he posted a video sharing his experience with 'luxury', questioning the idea behind charging such exorbitant prices for something that is really quite cheap - all because you are staying at a fancy hotel. 

In the video, he shows off his beautiful suite and all the 'elegant' freebies hotels offer, but when it came to the fruit platter (read: 2 bananas), the sky-high bill shocked the actor. He jokingly remarked that these bananas were 'too good for him'. 

Naturally, Twitter weighed in the situation to take a shot at high-end establishments like this hotel and their penchant for overcharging. 

Now that's just bananas.