Rahul Gandhi is a clear-headed man; he believes in alien science , limited vocabulary and family business. But politics has recently taken a toll on him, and he took a sabbatical to reconnect with nature. While people are busy ridiculing him, we already miss him!

Here are some career options he can take up, should he finally realize, politics is not the right calling for him.

1. Professional Creep

I’m not saying his smile is creepy. I’m saying it’s so creepy, the dimples are filled with pepper spray permanently.

2. Queue slot reserver

For people who don’t know what it is, it’s the job where a guy sleeps on the railway station’s floor to reserve a slot in the queue when the ticket counter opens next day. Rahul can do that.

3. Food Critic

He’s got a habit of trying food at different non-commercial joints.

4. Head of Women Development Authority

For the lack of more words: Women Empowerment!

5. Baby Products Brand Ambassador

Kids love him. You know, like unborn kids….. foetuses!

6. Love Guru

He’s the chick magnet. It’s high time he teaches us the tricks of the trade!

7. Philosopher/Thinker

This morning I got up at night! ” Science is not equipped to decipher the depth of his quotes yet!

8. Godfather

The picture says it all! He makes people offers they can’t refuse!

9. Mughal King

He’s got the class and the panache for it.

10. A Lampshade

He’s got the I.Q. and the looks for it.

11. Labourer

He’s got the dedication and the experience.

12. Underworld Don

I think he plays stupid to cover his secret identity. Look at this rare footage of him being all gangster. Shady as hell!

13. Pundit

He has attended so many yagyas for Congress’ success, he knows the chants by heart now.

14. Personal Shopper

Watch him buying sarees for mommy!

15. Spiritual Healer

When medical sciences fail, Rahul Baba comes to the rescue.

16. Loop Jumper/Stuntman at a Circus

I guess.

17. ISRO Strategist

He’s got plans that will allow us to conquer Jupiter very soon.

18. Comic on TV

Unintentionally funny all the time.

19. Fried Rice Vendor

P.S.: We know it’s not really him, but it could have been him. Right?

20. Travel Writer

He keeps taking breaks to go visit mysterious lands. He might as well use it to his advantage.

21. Server at a Temple

He’s spiritual, religious and aloof. He fits the bill all the way.

We wish Rahul picks one of these careers and spares us the trouble of looking at his face on every Congress campaign!