Even though he doesn’t look like it, Rahul Gandhi turned 48 years old today.

Yup, it’s hard to believe that he’s actually older than Manish Sisodia.

But while he might look young, Rahul Gandhi is way too learned for his age.

As has been proven time and again in his speeches and quotes.

1. When he proved that time is just a state of mind.

2. When he invented this new unit of measurement. 

3. When he proved the omnipresence of politics.

4. When he proved he could come up with a Math of his own.

Not once, but twice.

5. When he corrected everybody’s Geography all by himself. 

6. When he revealed this hidden superpower.

7. When he proved ki koi dhanda chhota ya bada nahin hota.

8. When he re-defined poverty. 

9. When he dropped this Apple update on everybody.

10. When he proved that Congress is the most chilled out party ever.

Stay the way you are, Rahul baba. You’re precious.